Ming Fang furniture (Mingfei sofa / M-FLY Mingfei) is the leading enterprise, founded in 2002, is rooted in Foshan, the national service.

    Mingfei to deep corporate culture is the cornerstone of good brand resources for the carrier, the pursuit of excellence, innovation, and constantly promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Company staff to work,Professional, cooperative, pragmatic, honest attitude to camp Si, off the line, big market, small business ideas work, as well as people-oriented, competition for the first, a timely change of management culture, Entered the sustained and healthy development track.

    In the future, Mingfei will continue to focus on brand management and service, rational decision-making, steady expansion, becoming the first brand of the industry, in services, goods, shopping environment, corporate Industry profitability, growth and other aspects of the industry leader, providing consumers with more diverse choices, continue to improve the quality of life of urban people home.

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